Avago: Conducting Themselves to Success


By Rob Gelb

Behind every new version of Apple’s iPhone is the company that provides the essential parts. The man behind the curtain is Avago, semiconductor company that focuses on both chipmaking and the 4G LTE market at a time where higher bandwidths are constantly in demand. Avago conducts business with Samsung as well, and has business ventures around the world, particularly in China. The company has had six straight quarters of accelerated sales and earnings growth, while stock prices have surged by about 105% over the past year to near record highs. Merrill Lynch tipped their hats to the company, having a price target for them at $140 a share. On a daily basis, Avago is trading over 2 million shares, which are notable for their enormous volatility. For the moment, Avago is the name to remember when looking for investment opportunities. Once the iPhone 7 (inevitably) comes out, it will be more than Apple you can thank for that.