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Coordinator Positions 

The following Coordinator positions are open for the 2018-2019 academic year: Member Relations Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator, and University Relations Coordinator. 
**Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until all positions are filled. 

Associate Positions

Applications for Associate positions for the Fall 2018 semester will open on August 29th and will be due on September 7th. Please contact Courtney at with any questions regarding the application process.

Position Descriptions


Member Relations Coordinator

The primary responsibilities of this position are organizing member study groups. This coordinator will be crucial in our efforts to establish a friendly environment within EA and make our members feel welcome. Additionally, this position would also generate class highlights and professor recommendations. The coordinator can also, up to their discretion, help organize social events, intramural sports teams, and gauge member interest. The coordinator will also be responsible for managing Study Group sessions for Economics classes.

Requirements: Outgoing personality. 

Additional Materials: Personal description, past involvement in EA, and a rough plan for how you would like to see study groups organized.



Fundraising Coordinator

This position involves organizing fundraising events benefiting the Economics Association. The fundraising coordinator works with associates in order to develop, implement, and oversee all fundraising events. Other important duties of the position include delegating tasks to associates, communicating with any outside party that is working with us (in-person, phone, e-mail, etc.), responsibly handling all fundraising revenue, and maintaining organized spreadsheets of fundraising revenues and expenses.

Requirements: Creativity; organization and excellent communication skills; ability to make timelines and lay out detailed plans; ability to work well with numbers and spreadsheets (Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Numbers, etc.). Any past experience with handling money or organizing a fundraising event will prove useful (although not required).

Additional Materials: Please list up to 2 ideas you would like to implement as fundraising events and describe how you would go about organizing them--assume you have 3 weeks to plan each event (please be as descriptive as possible, i.e. include timelines and any detail that would go into planning the event).

Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator

This position is responsible for working closely with the VP of Finance in order to strengthen relationships with and secure funding from companies through sponsorships.The corporate sponsorship coordinator will be expected to collaborate with the Outreach Committee and utilize its connections. Other duties include revising the EA’s corporate sponsorship agreement, being responsible for perks promised to sponsors, and contacting and communicating with potential and current sponsors.

Requirements: Excellent communication skills including writing skills; strong initiative and goal-oriented with a vision; high energy and personable, professional personality; committed to deadlines and fulfilling expectations

Additional Materials: Please list up to 2 potential perks/incentives we could offer interested sponsors. Given that this is a new position, be prepared to discuss your vision for the upcoming year.



University Relations Coordinator

This Coordinator is responsible for managing the Association’s relations with other student organizations and University Administration, staff, and faculty. You are additionally responsible for putting events together with other organizations.

Requirements: Strong communication skills, professional personality.

Additional Materials: Be ready to discuss a plan for outreach to other student groups and create a list of clubs/organizations that you would most want to work with.