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The Penn State University Economics Association (est. 1968) is an organization of students with a passion for economics, who wish to grow both academically and professionally outside of the classroom. We enrich the educational experience of our members with academic presentations, written publications, economic simulations, and various other activities. We prepare our members for post-graduation by offering career fair preparation, improving resumés, and connecting them with companies.

The Association offers leadership opportunities and experience in planning events and communicating in a team. Overall, we provide our members with an environment where they can meet people who share their interests, make new friends, and succeed at Penn State and beyond. 


Our Accomplishments 


We are proud of our accomplishments and hope to make this the best year yet by strengthening the programming and relationship with alumni, faculty, other organizations, recruiters, and most importantly, our members. At the end of the day, the PSUEA’s mission is to serve our members. We hope that this organization offers students a network within the larger Economics Department at Penn State.  

During the 2017-2018 academic year the Association:

  • Had approximately 150 dues paying members with nearly 60 in a position of leadership within the Association

  • Managed a $22,000 budget

  • Received funding and support throughout the year from the Department of Economics, College of the Liberal Arts, Paterno Fellows Program, and the Schreyer Honors College

  • Hosted the annual “Great Debate” with 800+ student attendees in Eisenhower Auditorium

  • Held Fall and Spring Business Mixers with corporate recruiters, with a combined student attendance of 300+

  • Organized a Fall trip to New York City to visit Goldman Sachs, Compass Lexecon, and AlphaSights

  • Organized a Spring trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the House of Representatives, U.S. Department of Treasury, Brookings Institution, and CATO Institute

  • Conducted educational presentations on various economic topics

  • Produced the student publication, The Optimal Bundle, run by the Association’s Print Education Committee

  • Hosted study sessions and provided tutoring for members and students in the Department

  • Arranged networking opportunities for our members including alumni Skype calls, graduate school panels, and professor meet and greets

  • Participated in philanthropy events in the State College community including THON, Shaver’s Creek, and State College High School


Upcoming events